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Street Rod 3 Discussion / Re: Timeline of the game
« on: October 01, 2012, 04:54:55 am »
I was looking at the list, but it seems incomplete, or at least not final...

No Oldsmobile 88? No Ford Falcon? No Ford Torino/Gran Torino?

 :P :P :P

IMHO it "should" have the most iconic cars of the era, alongside the best cars and/or funniest cars, of the previous games.  8)

News / Re: The time has come - 3D modeller/artist needed!
« on: October 01, 2012, 04:40:13 am »
Directly from the IRRLicht site:

Code: [Select]
Currently supported mesh file formats:
Animated objects:
 •B3D files (.b3d, r, skeleton)
 •Microsoft DirectX (.x, r) (binary & text, skeleton)
 •Milkshape (.ms3d, r, skeleton)
 •Quake 3 models (.md3, r, morph)
 •Quake 2 models (.md2, r, morph)
Static objects:
 •Irrlicht scenes (.irr, r/w)
 •Irrlicht static meshes (.irrmesh, r/w)
 •3D Studio meshes (.3ds, r)
 •Alias Wavefront Maya (.obj, r/w)
 •Lightwave Objects (.lwo, r)
 •COLLADA 1.4 (.xml, .dae, r/w)
 •OGRE meshes (.mesh, r)
 •My3DTools 3 (.my3D, r)
 •Pulsar LMTools (.lmts, r)
 •Quake 3 levels (.bsp, r)
 •DeleD (.dmf, r)
 •FSRad oct (.oct, r)
 •Cartography shop 4 (.csm, r)
 •STL 3D files (.stl, r/w)
 •PLY 3D files (.ply, r/w)

By now there are a bunch of free tools that can export in 3ds or x or even convert them.
I have done some working in 3d long ago, mostly to draw *spaceships* so not very handy to draw cars.

Street Rod 3 Discussion / Timeline of the game
« on: September 29, 2012, 07:41:34 am »
Hi guys, i admire so much the idea of making a sequel of a such great series of games.
I was wondering when exactly the game develops. The first SR takes place in '63, the second in '69, to follow the gap it should take place in '75. Knowing this, i can list all the cars of the era (conting also the car list from the previous chapters).

On another note I am an amateur composer, if you want i can (try to) compose a title screen music like the old SR games, basing the genre on the year it takes place. Like the r'n'r vibe of the first, mixing up the current influencies of Grease/Elvis or the more pure rock of the second with Doors influence. The thrind one can be a nice hard rock/rock blues soundtrack if it tales place in '75.

Keep up the good work!

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