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Needs to be Ported to Android...


I LOVE this game since I was younger. SR1 and SR2 need to be ported to Android. I managed to run the game using a DOS emulator and it ran amazing. However, the average person will not be able to figure it out. Someone needs to port it to Android with its vintage graphics and everything. Any takers? I would D/L it in a heart beat.

Which DOS emulator? Also, a lot of the process could be simplified if shortcuts and simple-as-all-heck batch files were used in place of typing a whole lot into the DOS emulator in question.

this might be gravedigging but here goes..

most likely he is using dosbox

if any 2d version should be ported as a native android app it should be the amiga version because of better gfx..

but the amiga version can also just be run on android phones using one of the uae versions.

agreed. the amgia version is like night and day difference. i should beat sometime one day.


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