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So via Google play Store there are loads of games.  Probably to many for one person to find.

Tuning muscle car simulator
Muscle car speed racing.
*Powerd by Unity

The game " Drag Racing"  by creative mobile is excellent.
All out drag racing game.  By the cars stock and modify to the max.  If this game had a garage interface and allowed you to upgrade engines ( inline 4/6, v6 v8 big block v8)  it would be perfect.  It allows modification like

Different stages of reproduction various different turbo size upgrades manual and electronic boost controllers forged pistons and rods upgraded cooling systems race wires spark plugs raceways different spark plugs different types of valves racing port and polish of cylinder head upgraded fuel pump upgrade fuel pumps if you upgrade a lighter flywheels button clutch intercooler upgrades bigger piping Performance air filters sports exhaust cold air intakes subtle bodies nitrous bottles different sizes nitrous warmers cold shot wet shot direct port nitrous injection race cams blow valves etc.

I have clocked this game many times but every now and then I fire it back up.

Need for speed underground I also spent loads of time on that game.

Yeah NFS Underground is big one. I like NFS 3 hot pursuit quite a bit it's more focused on driving more than anything. I never had NFS UG but, i had most wanted through pro street. The gang territory stuff was kind of stupid. I think NFS 3 and NFS Pro Street are my go to racing games. that and mafia 2 and GTA 4. All 4 have pretty damn good simcade physics and handling.

Need for speed Pro street was epic in 2005, I always chose the Chev monara(Chev lumina in my country) .  I tuned down the kw and increased the torque and was unbeaten in my neighborhood.

Was great for tuning.

In the Android game Drag racing.  You can TUNE each gear ratio, the final drive.  Adjust the nitrous duration...

Pro Street lets you tune ratios too. You can also get a hack to unlock stage 4 parts. I also used hacks in NFS Most Wanted. I used to play as the minivan in the multiplayer and everyone once in while i beat someone with crappy internet and a slow car. it helped that i gave the minivan nitrous and performance bump. it's amazing i never got banned.

Check out my summer car on youtube.


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