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DRAG RACING - Android Game


Hey all!

Who has played this game?

The reason why i bring it up, is it is INCREDIBLY ADDICTIVE just like Street Rod 2.

This game is BIG on DRAG RACING and BIG ON MODIFICATIONS. What's nice is it has a ONLINE PLAYER OPTION and a OPTION to "TUNE" you car so if you race a player with the identical hardware mods and reaction times is similar its the TUNE that determines who is the winner. CHECK IT OUT!!!!

Download it via the PLAY STORE.

for further info checkout the official Site:

Too many suspicious permissions (read/write phone storage AND caller ID AND network access). No thanks.


since you wont download and install check out the video.

you start with entry level car earn money and modify them and race (SOUND FAMILIAR)

I think its the most popular android car game of all time!


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