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Axle tramp?

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Title says all; should we include axle tramp ingame?

What is an Axel Tramp?

Sorry for the late post! Axle tramp is this:

As far as an axel tramp competition goes, defiantly not! That wasn't a thing back in the early 70s but, it was possible maybe under certain circumstances we can program it in. in the US it's call wheel/axel hop.

TBH though I personally at this time don't see any reason to put in the game as far as i know it is not something you would have wanted to do and even then it's not quite that easy to do so maybe it would be extra work for little gain? maybe not? It's mostly speculation at this point any ways.

I wasn't saying we should have competitions about axle tramp (I prefer that term because it's more interesting), I was just wondering if we should have it at all. Too many movies and games equate a loss of traction with skidding, and it's kind of annoying.


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