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What can and can't be worn out?

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I remember distinctly in the Street Rod games that you could never actually wear out your chassis, or the wheels, or the axles, but many other parts including the engine, transmission, and tires; will there be more parts that can wear out? Will you be able to wear out or damage a car's bodywork or chassis?

it just doesn't really make sense... it does but, you have to draw a line some where. perhaps things like the rear end differential and shocks will wear out over time.

A "quality" rating of 1-10 might also be interesting, although controversial.  More expensive stuff could last longer, etc.  For example, the tires could vary a lot.  There were also several engines of the period that didn't last very long but which were very common.  The original engine used in the Vega (it's an obsession of mine on these forums by now), for example, wasn't very well made, and some engines like the 426 HEMI and the Chevy ZL1 427 were monster racing engines that ran far less well on the street.  There were also different quality levels of transmissions, with the Muncie M22 and THM-400 generally being tougher than the M20 and the THM-350, for example.  Obviously, like I said, this could get controversial fast, though.  Is there an update yet on the actual game as it is now?

perhaps. definitely makes sense with stuff like cheap tires that wear out sooner. etc etc

kind of but, not really. I'm still working on my article and i've installed unity and plan on reading the "car" tutorial on unity to get basic demo working... or at least i will try.

Wow.  That's actually better news than I was expecting.  I still have the models I was thinking of porting, but I'm itching to make more.  Life is obviously complicated.  Porting would obviously be the fastest and most practical option.


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