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Traffic cars, pedestrians, and cops.

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1. Will there be traffic cars? If so, what will the behavior be like and what models would be used? PLEASE tell me that they'll react realistically and not just hit the brakes and the horn if you're within 100 feet of them.
2. Will there be pedestrians? If so, how will they behave? Will they collide with anything?
3. How will the cops behave, and under what conditions will they spawn?

Same as in SR 1 and 2.

So, cops that show up when you get good, no traffic cars, and no pedestrians?

That would make things ALOT simpler on the development and game design side. a lot of the street racing games like HRASD were the same way.  However it there may be some "prop" traffic cars at the meet up places.

Oh, good. I've always kinda wanted more obstacles at any given race meetup.  ::)


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