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Collision physics, driving physics.

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1. What EXACTLY should happen when you crash your car into something? Should your car bounce like rubber or just start scraping into whatever it's colliding with? Should random props (like newspaper dispensers) be weighted or practically weightless? How much should a collision affect your vehicle's performance and/or part durability?
2. How should the suspensions, tires, and differentials work? If it could be summed up by saying "it should be like this one game", what would that game be?

cracked windshield maybe a little blood on the dash, in car view only so we don't get sued by showing car damage. This has been decided for years.

I mean, in terms of physics, how should the car react?

as far as driving and racing? Between arcade/games and simulation. Realistic but, not "team of researchers" realistic.

1. So like NFS 3 or something?
2. As far as "reactions", I'm just saying that it doesn't make sense for a car to instantly stop if it bumps something at 50 MPH, therefore what would happen (physics-wise, not damage-modelling wise) if a car crashes into something?


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