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Can't believe it!

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I cannot BELIEVE you guys are making another street rod! Man I loved that game when I was a kid. Probably 1/2 the reason I became a mechanic then engineer. Really hoping to see a '70 SS Chevelle in there ;P

I think there will likely be a '70 SS Chevelle since it was common muscle car at the time.

There was also a Chevelle in SR2, although a slightly older one.  It does seem like a natural choice given its popularity today.  It should hardly matter that at the time it wasn't so desirable.  That's how these things go.  I just read an article about the Mercury Cyclone, another flop at the time that's collectible today.

1970 Chevelle is a great idea, different from 1968 Chevelle seen in SR2 true....but I would go with a 1970 El Camino which is based on the Chevelle front given that year.
I'm really excited about the game especially if the design is kept retro (the Drive-in with waitresses, could have some short chatting with them, hey sweetheart tell the boys I'm looking for a drag or pink slip or parts AND GET ME A MILKSHAKE! lol)
I just loved the epic quotes, SR3 must be RETRO!!!! I would even be crazy enough to play it in 16 bits...
I can't believe it too that they are doing it at last...I was asking Ubisoft and small game designers for the last 2 years if anyone would like to program it or remix SR3 to finish it (I have no programming skills/knowledge at all)....and HERE THIS SITE EXISTED ALL ALONG..THIS IS SO AMAZING! Nothing to do with GT, Forza, NFSUnderground, Hot Rod American Drag Street Racing......I've been playing SR1-2 for 15years (as I can remember I've had my 386SX (DX upgraded lol) my first real CPU, I'm downloading again for the XX time the 2 games RTFNow!!!!! P.S. If an Administrator reads this post, could it be posible to have a huge post telling us where you are at in a summary what you need, like a list, because I see many posts and videos, but it's hard to tell exactly at what stage you are, I think you're looking for a programmer???? the story complete? PLEASE MAKE A LIST OF THE PROBLEMS YOU HAVE RIGHT NOW TO MAKE THE PROJECT MOVE FORWARD...too many posts scrambled :)

SR3 isn't retro but, if you want retro check out SRO.

However SR3 is a genuine truthful to the roots 3D sequel.


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