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Cars you'd like to see ingame, if only to point and laugh.

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Since the game is set in the '70s, I have at least a few suggestions.

AMC Gremlin:

AMC Pacer:

Ford Pinto, since an AMC hater I am not:

Classic Mini Cooper, because it's not at all meant for drag racing:

Well the mini isn't happening that's a European thing. if any of those other cars so up, it'll be LOD models parked on the side of the street. Also you know what that might not be half bad idea, seeing cars like that parked on the side of the street or in the corner of the dinner parking lot. i don't think there would be very many since at the time they were brand spanking new.

Sr3 is and has always planned to be muscles cars only, mostly main stream ones at that. there will be rare muscles cars too but, the chance of finding them will be slimmer. also how many cars and how many rare one may come down to man power to make all the models.

EDIT: also remember there will plenty of road racing in SR3. rather should be. Aqueduct racing and road racing like in SR1 and 2 are planned. There was also talk of back woods dirt road racing on the old forums. which given the right circumstances could work in the game and make sense story and game play wise but, it would need the man power to make all the maps and tracks.

He was joking cdouble... you're a dumbass. Didn't you read the subject line where it said "to point and laugh"?? =(

joking aside it make sense or kind of cool to see the crappy cars as cameo, also. i tend to visits the forums when i can't sleep.  :o

Well....I just posted elsewhere that SR3 will need entry-level cars like the Falcon, although if this will be a 1970's-era setting then a Pinto (V-8 compatible) or a Chevy Vega (V-8 compatible at least in SR3) would definitely be a good idea.  It also seems like a Chevy Nova and a Dodge Dart should be included as well, maybe as a tiny step up from a Falcon, Pinto, or Vega.  Both the Nova and the Dart, after all, were frequently hot rodded, and sometimes still are.  Remember also that Gremlins were also sometimes hot rodded.  I suppose with the right paint and striping they wouldn't look too terrible.  A Gremlin isn't a Pacer, after all.   :)  Don't get me into having Mp3 support for the 8-track.    ;D


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