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Best muscle cars ever?

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I'm not going to say that horsepower makes the muscle car, or that looks make the muscle car, etc, etc, but I'll break it down into three categories. Anyone can enter two cars per category, but please don't gush unless you've had hands-on experience.

1: Performance.
2. Look and Style. How well does it turn heads?
3. Lasting Value, also known as "reliability", a word not often associated with muscle cars.

Example entry (not a real entry):

--- Quote ---Under "Look and Style", I'm entering the Oldsmobile Cutlass 442, specifically the 1970 version.

Although Driver: San Francisco's rendition was less than impressive performance-wise, the overall look of the 442 is unmistakable and fairly unique, to the point that it has appeared in four separate Grand Theft Auto games.

--- End quote ---

Aside from this very post being a bump, I'd like to enter the Plymouth Barracuda, the 1974 edition in particular, for Look and Style (almost picked the AMC Javelin or the Corvette Stingray).
(Link'd, because the full image is massive!)

Pontiac GTO, 1966 preferably, for look and style. It's got real presence. I also almost picked, well, pretty much any 64 to 73 two door american car, not easy to choose favorites. 


1932 ford coupe

*looks at TSJ's avatar*
*looks at TSJ's quote*
Not surprising, but which category would you put it in?


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