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Title: Car cuztomization
Post by: TSJ on May 07, 2012, 02:36:41 pm
My suggestions regarding enhanced cuztomization:

- add/remove gauges and gauge types inside car
(extra gauge holders etc... gauge examples: mph, rpm, gas, oil temp, clock etc..)
- seat customization (color, seat types etc...)
- mirror customization (sideview and rearview aswell as optional ornaments like fuzzy dices etc...)
- steering wheel and gear knob cuztomization
- ignition key customization (examples... no key ornament, ornament with car logo?)
- car radio customization (examples.. no radio, basic radio, radio with tape deck)
- extra gear (example... police radio scanner)
- general interior cuztomization (color, texture)

(these options should be seperate for front and rear wheels,
since some cars could have larger rear wheels)
- cuztomize height of tire between road and rim (like in midnight club 3)
- customize height of rim (like in midnight club 3)
- customize color of rim (like in midnight club 3)
- customize width of rim (like in midnight club 3)
- customize tire side
  (examples... whitewall, mini whitewall, text, bare, white or red or blue or ? stripe,
   like in midnight club 3)
- customize tire thread (select texture mainly, like in midnight club 3)
- customize ride height (like in midnight club 3)

some of these options should maybe be limited in the "stock" version of the game, since they would allow low profile wheels and those were not available in 1972 afaik.

additional stuff...
- add/remove lights such as extra fog lights and extra projector lights
- optional bodyparts such as bumpers and hoods for those cars that have that,
  fenders on '32 fords, engine side housing on '32 fords etc...
- open and close doors, hood, trunk etc... while viewing the car in the garage
- raise and lower soft/hard/? top on car if available while viewing the car in the garage
- starting and killing the car/engine and lights while viewing the car in the garage
- car auctions, junk yard, car dealerships, parts and tools centers, "dirty money" mechanic jobs
- ability to buy more stuff for the garage like welder etc.. at a parts and tools center
- ability to modify/rebuild engine and/or parts to use for example ford parts on a gm engine etc...
- better system for stickers, example.. easier to place stickers symmetrically on the sides of a car
- customizeable license plate (placement, text, colors, state)
- test bumpers while viewing the car in the garage
- test blower while viewing the car in the garage
- customize own charecter looks, handle and name
- ability to mount additional gas tank to allow extra mileage
- twin engine cars?
- better control of graphic details such as ability to get exhausts shown when racing
- autosculpt (like in NFS Carbon, could be used for things like option to cut a hole
  for a blower and/or exhausts in a regular hood)
Title: Re: Car cuztomization
Post by: cdoublejj on May 08, 2012, 01:12:20 am
Honestly i say some of it go and some of it no. thats ton of stuff I disagree with customizable rim and tire size and buying tools. In fact Hellmark said you would be able to buy whole entire new garages but, that would be to unlock new areas.
Title: Re: Car cuztomization
Post by: TSJ on May 08, 2012, 04:12:38 am
Well the tire cuztomization options could seem a bit much or maybe to modern, but it would save a lot of 3D models since several types of wheels and wheel sizes could be represented by the same 3D model.

In the old sr3, I had several tires that were more or less the same 3D model but in different configurations. I also had several tires that were the exact same model but with different textures for sides etc... for stuff like rim color, whitewall, no whitewall and thread texture etc...
Title: Re: Car cuztomization
Post by: cdoublejj on May 12, 2012, 08:19:35 am
I'm pretty positive modern games have some sort advanced engine/program that actively modifies the vertices spacing on the rim and tire 3D models and then sets and some how carries over that setting each time the tires and wheels are called upon (every time you see the car).

I would be pretty happy with a couple rim choices and tire choices. I know the tire choices will have an impact on how the car handles as Hellmark said, I'm just not sure how or what is the best way to so. i'm thinking system that add or subtracts certain values based on the car's handling file that dictates characteristics. IE a low end cam would add more torq on top of the values in the handling file or high end came would add too the handling files top speed values etc etc.


Doing things removing the bumpers and chopping the top could affect the weight and drag values respectively.

Title: Re: Car cuztomization
Post by: TSJ on May 17, 2012, 12:16:24 pm
It would also be a nice feature if parts are shown or can be previewed like in GHG... I missed that in the previous alpha.
Title: Re: Car cuztomization
Post by: cdoublejj on May 19, 2012, 03:17:13 am
what if... we do parts preview just like the parts list in sr1&2. You have parts list in text but, next to list in aside column could be a viewing box OR a viewing rectangle under neath with several parts shown and as you select each part name that part's 3d model enlarges and rotates, how does that sound?
Title: Re: Car cuztomization
Post by: TSJ on May 24, 2012, 03:37:19 am
That would be very nice.

It is especially nice to be able to view the part when it comes to buying racing slicks, since there will be several different racing slicks (and maybe also several different brand name tires)

I think the best option would be option number 2:
"a viewing rectangle under neath with several parts shown and as you select each part name that part's 3d model enlarges and rotates"

Since that would reduce the strain on the 3d engine and could allow for detailed information about the selected part.

Title: Re: Car cuztomization
Post by: megariffer on May 24, 2012, 04:28:12 am
i think there is a slight misunderstanding, although i'm having a hard time understanding cjj all the time :)

option 2 would meam more stress on the engine since all the parts are shown in 3d, and they enlarge when you select them

in option 1 there is only a text list, and only the selected object is shown in a viewer box.

i like the first one better, i think it makes more sense to have text lists rather than only models.

but since i'm such old-school guy, i would love to stick with the old game mechanincs, meaning we have a newspaper and the 3 buy it/see it/forget it buttons.
Title: Re: Car cuztomization
Post by: Vaelor on May 24, 2012, 08:08:22 am
I concur with megariffer. Buy It/See It/Forget It is the way to go, newspaper style. Without the old black and white classified ads, you totally lose the feel of the Street Rod series. =(
Title: Re: Car cuztomization
Post by: cdoublejj on May 24, 2012, 09:48:55 pm
I think you are understanding me fine Megariffer, which is a very very good thing.

L.O.D, you ever play GHG back in the day there was bin full of the 3d parts, when moused over one it would "pop out" and rotate. another thing is L.O.D, when you have high poly and low poly version of models gta 3 and think even gta 4 does this when items are far away they are really just low poly graphics like that of the late 90s or n64 days. that same could be applied with menu. Also there is difference between stressing the engine and hardware.

An alternative to LOD could be simple 2d icons and when you click it or mouse over the full on 3d model (non lod) shows up the viewer with the rotating view.

The beauty of second idea, is less labor by NOT making low poly duplicates of things. Also we could do just like Hotrod American Street drag and use generic icons or each kind of part. So basicly 1 or 2 sets of 2d icons and when selected shows the parts in a/the viewer. easier on the hardware and game engine.

EDIT: I mocked it up in MS Paint.


The 3d block does not represent a block at all but, where the 3D model of said part would be and could rotate.

EDIT: I got carried away

Title: Re: Car cuztomization
Post by: TSJ on May 25, 2012, 04:19:15 am
It seems I misunderstood CJJ's suggestions.

I like the concept with having each part shown as an icon (maybe a greyscale "picture") with a description and then having a view area that shows only a selected parts 3d model
(kinda like CJJ's ms paint mockups but as greyscale and black/white newspaper articles with descriptions).

This could also be used for the cars. I know that this would differ from sr 1 and 2 though.
Title: Re: Car cuztomization
Post by: megariffer on May 25, 2012, 04:46:25 am
what i would like to see is a "modernized" view of the newspaper from sr1 and sr2.

so there would be a newspaper page, but with more resemblence to a real newspaper's advert page.
a little bit more text, maybe a b/w picture from the pricier cars (you could still click the 'see it' button for all the cars), and when you select an advert, it would look like it's circled with a pan or something, just like how you do it in real life. when it's marked, the 3 oldie buttons appear at the bottom.

as for parts, i don't see why i would want to rotate around a manifold in 3d, but there is still the 'see it' button for that.
Title: Re: Car cuztomization
Post by: cdoublejj on May 25, 2012, 12:00:08 pm
it doesn't have to be grey scale at all, those were just some basic colors. the styling of the buttons and the colors is whole other discussion, i'd figure we could get some ideas from some concept artists. I'm assuming Megariffer is suggesting something along the same topic/idea with news papers, something news but, still looks retro like it is in the 70s.

A possibly an idea for the news paper is ripping of more ideas from Hotrod American Street Drag. Personally I still like the way sr1 and 2 and the old sr3 do it however that doesn't mean there isn't room for improving upon. Somethings that didn't make it in to the old sr3 were catalouges (well maybe that one did), dealerships and junkyards.
Title: Re: Car cuztomization
Post by: TSJ on May 25, 2012, 03:10:17 pm
I think that the more optinos the better... Dealerships and Junkyards would be a welcome addition. And there could also be a car auction. That would make the game able to lift the heritage from both sr as well as ghg.

I could also see the fun in megariffers suggestion with the old school newspaper and a see it button that works for both cars and parts... for parts it would mainly be nessecery for tires since we will have more than one rim for tires like racing slicks and maybe also for brand name tires.
Title: Re: Car cuztomization
Post by: cdoublejj on May 25, 2012, 09:00:01 pm
I like the see it button for parts in the news paper. THe other ideas of making it resemble a real news paper seems fine to me. dealerships and junkyards were and are planned as far as know.