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Title: A few suggestions
Post by: Lassa on April 28, 2012, 08:15:42 pm
Ive been thinking a little about this ever since i saw that the SR3 project is back, at least in the idea stage. Its better than dead... anyway, my suggestions to the new game would be something like:

- I want to see the steering wheel in action. Driving a dragster does require alot of steering, especially on launch, even if the car is supposed to move straight forward. In the previous versions, the steering wheel was more or less just a graphic thing...

- Another important thing the previous SR versions did not include... BURNOUT! Bring the heat to the tires. No burnout = poor traction.

- Wheelstand. Get that car up in the air!! At least on a setup with good traction and alot of hp.

- Detailed (i lack a better word) gearshifts for more realistic driver experience. You should always shift gear when the RPM is right. Not too early, not too late. Make that count on top speed and acceleration. This will avoid alot of equal runs. See SR3 Alpha for example.

- Online racing?

Title: Re: A few suggestions
Post by: cdoublejj on April 29, 2012, 04:19:19 am
Thoughts, Steering while trying to watch the tach sucks (Hotrod American Street Drag) specially with KB but, doesn't mean it can't be done right. Burnouts are not bad as long as they are not implement like Need for speed Pro Street did. Wheel stands, traction and unique gears shifts can and probably will be done that falls on the characteristics of each car, which if done with master/multiple handling files is just matter of programming/tweaking each car.
Title: Re: A few suggestions
Post by: Jackarooing_Cowboy on July 22, 2012, 09:52:36 pm
sorry to hit onto an old thread, but just got thinking about the perfect gearshifts, was there, dynos back in the 70's? Just if you could dyno your car and see where your particular setup makes peak torque then you would know when to make the perfect shift or when you are just revving the car and losing the torque curve. (maybe you have to go to a shop and pay a fair ammount of money to use their dyno, kinda like real life really ha!)
Title: Re: A few suggestions
Post by: cdoublejj on July 22, 2012, 10:14:41 pm
From what i have been told from past project leaders, research and talking to people dynos weren't to common. I think manufacturers at that time probably did and maybe a few race teams thats about it.