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The time has come - 3D modeller/artist needed!

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cdoublejj: Did you reply to every important thread yesterday? I almost fell back in my chair seeing every single section of the board active!

I reply to just about every thread with a new post in it.

Its a good thing to keep the forum alive :)

It very much is. At the end of the day all we have is a forum and idea. We just need a way to make that idea come alive. If I could program or 3D model i would.

Right now what we need is an understanding of what SR3 is hence the article i keep saying i'm gonna write. When we had the old forums you could go back and spend hour reading through development and suggestion forums to get a good idea to get idea of what SR3 should be since we don't have that i'm all that's left... at least until TSJ came around. Hell mark comes around in IRC once in a long while. So that's why I want to try and write article to give a better idea of what is.

All be damned if i haven't putting it off fora while, all i have is brain storm/rough draft.


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