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Cars you'd like to see ingame, if only to point and laugh.

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not sure 1970 grocery getters would be hacked up and hot rodded by 72. at the moment any really comment basic muscle car would do development purposes. I admit seeing an Gremlin trying to race a big block v8 muscle car would be funny for all the 2 second it was in the review mirror.  :D

Well...the key word is.....Street Rod.  I know what you're saying.  The whole point of a muscle car was to give you a head start, but that was if you had the budget.  Getting an old pile of junk and hot rodding it to the point of absurdity was another thing you could do.  This is why it would be good for the old cars from SR1 and SR2 to make a reappearance, as obviously a hot rodder might prefer them for their bigger engines, for less money than a cheap new car.  The Plymouth Belvedere we were admiring yesterday would be a good example (see below).

I'm actually interested in building a Vega to see what kind of power-to-weight ratio would be possible.  In addition, while the later Vegas are ugly, they would be out of the time period anyway.  The early ones I like, even if a 4-cylinder Yenko "muscle car" is kind of funny.  Actually, that could genuinely be part of the plot.  Some of the characters could be nerds with Vegas and Pintos.  This game is supposed to be a deliberately stereotypical American thing, right?    :D 

On one final note before I get to a related question, one thing that some early hot rodders did was choose obviously slow cars for the shock value.  Think of the old T-buckets or the hot rod Willyses racing around, or the hot rod Model T and Model A delivery vans.  Of course, the other option would be to bring back the Falcon, which might be more realistic.  SR2 had it, and it was actually a pretty good car to start with.  That's actually realistic, too.  The original Mustang was just a rebodied one.

On a related note, yesterday I showered praise on a 3D modeller (I've forgotten his name, but I know he was here) who did the Belvedere, the Dodge Dart, and the Barracuda, along with some engine blocks.  Why is it that I can't find the post now?  Am I just too tired (I worked all night last night on REAL work)?  I'd really like to see that stuff in the game too.

HA!!!  I just found this on YouTube, and it's not the only one!!!  :D

10 sec Chevy Vega

Well, I'm not quite sure where the development status is at....but to be original with a refreshing list for the trilogy I would consider these cars, some never put in SR1 and SR2 which are in my favourites:
1933 Ford Tudor (A MUST)
1937 Ford Coupe (A MUST)
1946 Dodge Coronet (AN IDEA)
1948 Plymouth Coupe (A MUST)
1949 Chevy Stylemaster/Fleetmaster (A MUST)
1953 Ford F100 pickup (A MUST)
1955 Chevy truck (WHY NOT)
1959 Cadillac Deville (YESSS)
1963 Buick Riviera (A MUST)
1963 Chrysler 300 (A MUST)
1964 Ford T-Bird (TO FOLLOW THE LEGACY: or the 1967 or the 1970)
1965 Pontiac Parisienne (OH YEAH)
1967 Cadillac Eldorado (YESSSSS)
1968 Plymouth Barracuda Nothback or Fastback (A MUST)….please make the HEMI HEADS AVAILABLE FOR MOPAR.
1968 Buick GS400 (A MUST)
1968 Plymouth Road Runner or SuperBee (AN IDEA)
1968 AMC AMX (hahahaha)
1969 Pontiac GTO (different from the Firebird seen in SR2)
1970 El Camino (A MUST IF YOU GO WITH LATER MODELS) or an old ?1959 Camino hehe
1970 Ford Maverick (AN IDEA)
1970 AMC Gremlin (OHHHH NOOOOO hahahaha OH YEAHH)
1971 Ford Mustang Mach1 (GOTTA HAVE A MUSTANG IN THE GAME)

I've insinuated that we should have some flathead Fords, but I was laying off since the focus of SR3 will be the late muscle car era.  I was also going to suggest a Maverick, but I figured that would be too cheesy, although it's true that a lot of hot rods have been built out of them.  For that matter, there was a GT 302 that was available in Mexico (at least, maybe also in America).  The Buick GS400 is an interesting idea too, as is the Riviera.  There weren't any Buicks in either of the original Street Rod games, but some of them were always popular hot rods.  I wouldn't mind seeing a 1965 Electra 225 or 1953 Skylark (or Roadmaster) as well.  If I were to add to your list, I would push for a Charger Daytona, as there wasn't any in SR2, but it was also one of the fastest true muscle cars, if not the very fastest (although the Camaro ZL1 may have been marginally faster off the line).

I know this game is only in America, but I would however love to see some Australian muscle in this game. Things like Ford XR-XT sedans, XA,XB or XC sedans and coupes or XW-XY sedans. Or even some Holden Monaros. Even if they were only really rare cars, as long as you could get them.


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