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street rod 1 special edition

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The car tutorial has scripts for car handling, but I do not know yet if it is able to take into account the realism we need for sr3 and the various parameters that will be set by the car parts.

It seems though that there are several car game tutorials though...

yeah quite a few tuts. At least I don't have to feel bad for having no idea what i'm doing it's seems unity lacks some decent educational material.

As far as I can tell the car scripts included are proof of concept, there are much nicer one on the unity store.

Yes, we might need to spend money on stuff like scripts and other stuff once we figure out whats what in unity :)

I haven't even considered it possibility but a requirement. The full version of Unity is something like $1500 USD plus another $600 USD for extra "seats". If this gets going were definitely gonna want the the pay for stuff and i'm willing drop the coin if and when... if possible.

I seem to recall reading this thread ages ago.  However, I didn't have a copy of Street Rod SE in my hands at that point.  I've been fiddling with it, thoroughly enjoying it, although as I've said many times I would like to see all of the original games combined, if possible.  Marco seems to be considering something like this, as he plans to do an Android version with completely new code (presumably Java). 


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