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Best non-American Muscle Cars?

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As an Argentinian, I can tell you about 2 fantastic muscle cars that were built in my country in the 60's and 70's.

The fist was the Renault Torino (unrelated to the Ford Torino and based in the american Rambler 440) that can be thought as the national car. In the 80's it was remade and started using arguably the best transmission made at the time in the country (ZF). The engine was a 6 inline 2.3 (

The second was the Dodge GTX which was also produced in Mexico. It came with a V8 of 318 MOPAR Edelbrock Holley of 230 HP . It was killer in straight line, but nearly impossible to turn at high speeds.

what year did the DODGE GTX come out?

In 1970. It was produced until 1979.

Europe: 1964-65 Opel Diplomat Coupe 5.4 (Chevy V-8 327 Sebring racing engine)

--- Quote ---Apparently, the small-blocks used in the Opel Diplomat 5.4 are special “endurance racing” versions of the standard Chevrolet small-block engine owing to the fact that the guys at Opel kept burning up the various small-block powerplants (including the standard Corvette engine) sent to them by Chevrolet during the sustained high-speed testing they did for the Diplomat. In order to replicate Autobahn conditions, they ran the cars at a sustained speed of 125 mph for hours on end, and in the process, destroyed quite a few engines. The Opel engineers first went through the stock Chevrolet 5.4 small-block engine, then a special “enhanced” engine that had some Corvette pieces, then the actual Corvette engine, and then were finally sent the “endurance racing” engines which made the grade and thus became the only V8 offered in the Diplomat 5.4 model.

So that’s the engine you got if you had an Opel Diplomat 5.4, and this may also explain why, that although not many Opel Diplomat 5.4 models were produced, you see a fair percentage of the few cars left with very high mileage and still running strong. The Opel Diplomat sort of had a Corvette engine, but not the production engines used in road-going Corvettes – it had the engines used in the Corvettes (and other cars) that did hard-core endurance racing like at Sebring and LeMans. It was a tougher, more durable, higher-revving (and more expensive) small-block V8 than the production Corvette engine, and a better engine all around.
--- End quote ---

Jensen Interceptor 6.3/7.2

I totally forgot about the Jensen! And that Opel is something else, I didn't know about it at all.


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