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The following topic assumes you know about Interstate '76 and the upcoming fan version, Interstate Outlaws.

Let's say for a moment that Interstate Outlaws was combined with Street Rod 3. What would the outcome be, besides ridiculously '70s? Perhaps you'd be able to damage (and repair/upgrade/sell/etc.) certain vital car parts, like in Street Rod, but with weapons and ammo alongside normal car parts? Or perhaps you would install your "cup holders" (makes it less likely to be headshot'd with a pistol) and "heated seats" (more ammo) yourself? Maybe more off-roading-oriented parts would be available.

What do you think?

Sounds like something reminiscent of Streets Of SimCity.


--- Quote from: cdoublejj on March 05, 2013, 03:21:32 am ---Sounds like something reminiscent of Streets Of SimCity.

--- End quote ---
I never successfully played it, and although it seemed like a good idea, I've seen videos of it; it's actually terrible due to a combination of crappy controls and moronic-at-best AI.

yeah but, i was probably 10 or 12 so i didn't notice. it will only run one windows 95 and 98 and probably ME.

Well, if you can, try to track down a copy (or even a demo) of Interstate '76. I know there's an Interstate '82 demo floating around somewhere, but it's just not the same. Maybe it'll convey my ideas a little better.

EDIT: On second thought, maybe it would take place partially in the city and partially in the countryside/desert/etc, along the highways like the Interstate games, and in some cities (once you've cleared them of corrupt police and creepers) you could do some racing for money?


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