Author Topic: Suggestions from an excited newbie!!! (might go off on one a bit, sorry)  (Read 3854 times)


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How far are you planning to go with mods? Will we be able to do roof chops, lowering, raising (gasser), altering individual panel (colour, removed, flared, louvered), change wheel/tyre size?
Will we be able to add personalised decals, flames, wheels?
White walls, red bands, moon discs?
Change wheel base, camber, toe?
Put utterly daft engines in unsuitable cars?
Are some used cars going to start as bangers, all rusty with a slightly odd smell? ;D
Any chance of a fiat 126?
Sorry for the list, I've never heard of the street rod games until today. Been playing the alpha version and got over excited. Looking forward to seeing what you do with it.


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Most of what you said is planned. Not sure about changing individual body panels or camber and toe. probably not going to b able to change the wheel base. Won't be able to LOTS of engine swaps mainly your straight six to v8 swaps and small block to big block swaps. there are no imports planned at all what so ever.

Imports are a great idea for a mod. A mod could be made to foreign/import cars and it could take place in another country.

Glad you enjoyed the Alpha we are planning to redo with a different game engine, form the ground up soon. In the long haul it should be easier and less time consuming not having to do everything by hand.