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I remember my first car, it was a small Fiat Seicento.

The first time it was called in for a vehicle inspection, the mechanic was surprised to see a Seicento with extra lights added, but he agreed with me that it looked pretty cool.

After that I've had a renualt and most recently a 14 year old 2,0 pegeout (of course with extra lights).

I switched from cheap plastic incased extra lights to cheap metal incased extra lights on the peugeot.

My mom's '92 Accord has yet to let me down. Now, if only I could convince my dad that I'm not as reckless as he thinks I am...

Bought myself 2 years ago:

Nice. How's the ride?


--- Quote from: Maxaxle on July 07, 2012, 07:20:09 pm ---Nice. How's the ride?

--- End quote ---

Nothing spectacular, but extremely reliable, still running with the original 6 194 and column shifter.

Gas mileage is also quite decent even for European standards :)


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