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Current state of development?

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So it looks like SR3 will never happen.
I have checked out some video for "Car mechanic simulator 2018"

The engine rebuilds are better than anything I have ever seen. And you can goto a junk yard and choise your own ride.

The best the "street rod" community could hope for is if they incorporated some of our classic... And maybe a tip of the hat...

Jeeze that's negative. i've found a few clever ways to cut down on some of the work needed and would solve some of the problems faced long ago. i've also been working on a few things that may help the development side without added costs.

when i first saw those games I hadn't seen they support mac. SR3 had been planned for windows linux and mac, it was tooo much longer at looking at switching a new engine that Unity 3D and UE started going to war and adding new support and features left and right.

both engines now have asset stores too.


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