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Used cars: worse condition with age?


Quick question: What if the condition of a given used car was based on its age?

what do you mean? why ask what if? HRASD did this, it was luck of the draw though. some cars had work some showed there age and every one in a rare while some were like new.

I only ask "what if" because certain racing games (like Gran Turismo) have cars' overall wear-and-tear dependent explicitly on mileage, giving the impression that most age-old cars were garage queens. The Hot Rod games are an excellent example of what I mean, though IMO it would also make sense if the cars you could buy off the street would be a mix of non-running cars, cars held together with duct tape and bailing wire, cars with hackjob repairs, and cars in somewhat decent condition.

well that's pretty much the plan, that's why there will be things junk yards and car dealerships among other things are planned for the game.


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