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NPC behavior


1. What if the reaction of NPCs to your car and its modifications helped dictate whether they wanted to race you?
2. What kind of NPC "personalities" should we have? Example: NPC A prefers to race when he thinks he can win; he will go up against the most seemingly-stock cars he can see, but he won't check under the hood. NPC B prefers to race against cars with smaller engines, without considering the size or weight of the car.
3. We will inevitably have a "The King" NPC; what should he look for? High-performance parts instead of cheesy stickers? Sporty cars? Cars with chopped tops and shaved-off bumpers?

1. is in SR1 and 2 and will be in SR3.
2. Same as SR 1 and 2
3. not sure what you mean. But, the King should drive unique and or rare/hard to find/get car with possibly rare/hard to find parts. He will require the same or similar as in SR 1 and 2 to race you ie street cred/reputation or so many race wins.

These bits will pretty much stay the same as the first 2 games as that's what makes it SR3 and not some game with another name.


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