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Multiple stencilling techniques?

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Long story short, let's say you have a specific paint pattern you want to add to the side of your car. How would the game handle this?
1. The stencil for the pattern "wraps" to the car, preventing distortion but preventing interesting patterns.
2. The decal acts more like a spray nozzle for the paint tool, which allows for trapezoidal distortion of paint patterns depending on which way the camera is pointed.

The first one is fairly rare in games, but the second approach can be seen in any TrackMania game that includes car painting (i.e. 90% of them, not including the first one).

i'd think they would just do it like "spray tags" in FPS multiplayer games. it would just be a textures that can utilize alpha layers (so part of can be invisible for logos and stuff)

then every one could have their own custom stencils, also since they would be small they might even work be able to work/show up in multiplayer.

Wait, what? I'm talking about how exactly paint would be applied to a car. It's hard to explain, but to put it simply, the first one results in fixed-size, fixed-scale, fixed-proportion paintjobs, the second one results in "projected" paintjobs.

well since paint won't exist in the game, instead RGB colors and textures it's hard to understand you.

as far as painting in game play it will more than likely be like in Gear Head Garage, you can click one to paint an entire part and entire color and or "free spray", not all unlike MS paint. it's not unlikley that we will add some stuff to the painting mechanics/game play.


--- Quote from: cdoublejj on December 29, 2013, 07:27:02 pm ---well since paint won't exist in the game, instead RGB colors and textures it's hard to understand you.

--- End quote ---
Well about the textures:
1. Would they be decals (impossible to distort but fixed color, fixed size), vinyls (impossible to distort, but color(s) can be picked, POSSIBLY fixed size), or paint patterns (distort-able, variable color, variable size)?
2. Sorry if it's hard to understand me, English is my first language.


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