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Another pretty fun simple game GearHead Garage had a pretty cool feature where you could go to the junkyard to find used parts. It would be random updated so that you wanted to check back often to see what was avail.

While there is nothing wrong with the classified original theme, it left a bit of the fun out knowing it was always gonna be the same stuff. There was never a chance of a sweet find or on the other hand getting a crap part that you thought was good.

AFAIK, the whole classifieds-are-randomized-every-day mechanic will be implemented (and perhaps you would have to drive around town, talking to people about whatever they're selling?), HOWEVER it would indeed be cool if you could go to a junkyard, pick out parts, upgrades, or even a car, but how would this be plausible ingame? I know that IRL reconditioning a part requires expertise, but what if, ingame, your ability to fix parts would be limited without going to a professional (i.e. asking someone to fix it for you), kind of like the idea that you could hand-wash a car for free (or nearly free), or you could go and get it washed for a set amount of money?

Actually Junk yard parts have been planned for many years. Do remember SR3 is partly derived form GHG.  :)

EDIT: on top of classifieds speed shops, car dealers and junk yards. were planned. There was alot of stuff planned, A LOT. I can never remember it all in one sitting, it's even harder with the OLD forums missing in action.

Interesting, but you leave me wondering about exactly how it would work.

I'm sure there were ideas kicked around but, the forums were so long so old and so vast some stuff is just vague to me now. I'm some what sure it was just "We'll cross that bridge when we get there". If any things new ideas on how implement already suggested ideas certainly would be neat, just for them to be practical one has to keep in mind the time period and the culture.


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