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Sure.  are multiplayer games peer to peer or are there game servers?

I'm not totally certain what you mean, but I'll explain it in the terms I understand it by.
1. There was once a web server that I'76 could connect to (and would, by default), owned by Activision. This server would basically hold a list of servers created by players and keep it updated. It is no longer in service, because servers aren't free and Activision no longer sells the game; Good Old Games does, but they don't put up servers for anything.
2. Today, Tuungle is used for multiplayer; when both players are on the same Tuungle channel (and thereby the same virtual LAN or whatever), one player can host and the other player can join via the host's Tuungle IP (so instead of a normal IP address like 12.34.567.890 it would be something like, IIRC).
3. Without Tuungle, it's very difficult to get a connection working. I'm not an expert on networks, but I think I'76 doesn't like routers and network switches very much.

peer to peer means the multiplayer game and it's mechanics is not handle by dedicated server but, by communication between the 2 game clients. computer to computer, computer to server to computer, all while playing online.

if your resorting to tungle and hamachi check out "Game Ranger"

"Game Ranger", huh? Alright, I'll check it out.

it works fora number of games but, idk if interstate 76 is supported.


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