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Would you guys consider a t bucket?


Riaan de Beer:
Hi guys.

I'm new here. My name is Riaan and like every body here i used to play sr1 and 2 since i could remember and yes still to this day i do play it regularly.

I've come across sr3 by chance and I am excited out of my skin about this game. My wife is so tired of me carrying on and on about this she almost banned me from my laptop.

Long story short I think 70's street rod game would not be the same without a 70's T bucket (or deuce coupe for that matter). I would like to have you guys feeling on that.

I am a pretty good 3D designer and if you guys will allow for a T bucket I would love to do the 3D modeling on it to make life easier for the programmes if that is ok?

I don't know what is involved with getting the whole game running but i would love to be apart of it. Even if it is only a tiny bit.

I don't mind if its a dumb idea. Just had to stick my neck out!

Love to hear form everybody!

Just about every car under the sun that was a common enough hotrod or muscle was originally planned for the game. it couldn't be a street racing game without a T bucket!

Riaan de Beer:
Do you guys need help with the moddeling?

Always.  :)

Riaan de Beer:
 :) :D ;D nice


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