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Hello again everyone.  About two years ago, I tentatively expressed interest in modelling a Chevy Vega for Street Rod 3, but didn't promise anything because I had no idea whether I would have a chance to do it.  I've now got as far as the interior model, with the UV map for it the next thing to do...

Another thing I'm looking for is dimensions for parts like the steering wheel, console, and so on, because so far I've just been eyeing these from photographs, and I'm sure the sizes are wrong.  Therefore...this is a request for blueprints or measurements, if anyone has them.

Maybe one day I'll be that good with Blender...As for Nova blueprints, have you tried searching online? I haven't found anything free (yet), but these are fairly cheap:

I mention on the video that a lot of Vegas have interior components from other cars, so accurate measurements for individual Nova parts might work.  At least it would be a way to cheat.  :-D  As far as I know, however, the Nova was a bigger car, so the interior overall would be larger.  I guess it would depend on how complete the drawings are.

Looking damn good to me!

some time GM used the same parts for different models of cars. So if someone really knew there stuff you could tell what models of cars you could dimensions from that match the vega for stuff like steering wheels and seats etc etc.


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