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Voting 1934 Ford Cabriolet (convertible)


My name is Jerry and I own a 1934 Ford cabriolet street rod. Previous street rods owned 1932 Ford chopped 5 window coupe and 1932 Ford two door sedan. We are in the 2016 January voting  for Traditional Homebuilt  voting put on by Good=Guys and Speedway Motors. I am asking for you to vote for my car.
You can view the cars:    Traditional cars are the second group of 21 cars, my car is number 2   Thank you for participating in the voting, see you at the shows.  Jerry


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Fixed it for yah.

For reference, here's the provided image of JP's car:

Ah man I miss going to goodguys car shows.

I've been of the opinion from the beginning that there should be at least one 1932 Ford Model 18 and one 1934 Ford Model 40A for Street Rod 3, even if these cars have existed in past versions.  For that matter, it would be a good thing to have as many "legacy" cars from previous versions as possible.

As far as i remember all the cars from the first games were planned to be in SR3. In fact the old web site before it broke had pages and pages and pages of lists of cars planned to be in the game. it looked well over 100 different years and models.


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