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The F2P game "Need For Speed World" died four-ish months ago, so it's being brought back in a way that brings it out of the tyrannical domain of EA. It's being brought back as "Need For Speed World Offline". Current version is a modded listen server and client bundled into the same .exe, with all sorts of cheats (like infinite money) enabled and no way to pay for anything (none of the ingame activities reward the player, and none of the links to buy more ingame currency with IRL currency work).

TL;DR "If you were ever interested in Need For Speed World, but wanted everything for free, here's your chance."

Currently NFSWO is singleplayer-only, but multiplayer without EA is being worked on.

Facebook page:

Official page:

Interesting. I never cared toooo much for it since it was more arcade than simcade so much car "feel" but, i suppose it wasn't tooo bad.

The game is totally arcadey (in a way that's simultaneously good and bad), but at least muscle cars seem to handle differently from lighter vehicles, and assorted vehicles can be differentiated through twitchiness and how heavy they are.

Yeah that just kind of took all the fun out of it for me.

Need For Speed World The most fun racing game I like playing this game.


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