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You sure about that?  :D

boom!!! good you have those files!! they got lost (with all my 3d modelling, PS, years of files...) long ago!! nice thanks to put it there, ohhh all hail the chrome god!

I have some stuff. Hellmark may still have more. I know he still has hard drive that died way back when with more stuff on it. Maybe has bad hard drive recovery services get cheaper it might be possible to send it in for a recovery.

mean while I seem to have lost a large swath of pictures of hot rod hangs out gas stations and various street racing photographs but, that's not so bad because i keep coming across more on the internet.

I also wrote a little article that explains the  history/evolution of SR3. IDK when it will posted on the main page it may still need a lot of editing since i'm the worlds worst writer, see'in as I. R. can't English to gud. I think it has pics of the old old site and the old 2D sr3 but, work has melted my brain a bit lately to remember too well.

You guys should store such data on the cloud now...

I don't run the server or anything. Venomous host it on the one he rents. Though I'm working on my own cloud in the near future. I have a decent server or 2 and commercial grade UPS and domain name. I just need a a decent Layer 2 switch, to clear out some space and some time and I should be able to set something up.


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