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hello!? anyone still here?

if someone is still interested, i revived my 2 year old project, and made a small progress with it.
there is nothing much shown in the video, but the important things are happening under the hood.
i managed to make a script, which loads all the parts data from an external file, and builds a "database" from them. this way you can add or remove parts easily from your inventory. there is a compatibility check, too for all those "pay attention dummy!" goodness. i don't know if any of this makes sense, the important thing to note here is that i managed to make a system, which can be used to build engines in the game with any detail. so far i only use 3 levels, as seen in old SR games (engine, manifold, carbs), but i can go as deep as i want, even add every link in a chain separately. there are still a lot of things to do, but i think i can show you a playable demo soon. as things progress around here, soon can mean anything between a few weeks and a decade.

so without further ado, here comes the video i recorded (pay no attention to the flipped wheels please)

What software are you using? By that I mean are you still playing with Unity? I had unity 3d loaded up before i had to format my computer. After that Unreal Engine release a new version that is supposed ot be easy to use like unity but, also allow access to source code, it's free if your game is free and isn't toooo price to license.

I only ask because some wants Unity 3D and Some wanted Irrilicht and I wonder if the new Unreal could be a compromise.

That aside what i see in your video looks REALLY awesome!!! Having said that I don't know what really say because it's... very good work. For being such an early piece of software i can't see any thing negative to say that's for sure. I'll tell you what though MAN IS THAT SITE FOR SORE EYES!!! It's nice to get a glimpse of SR3 in the 21st century!

hi cj,

im still using unity. as there are only me working on the project, i wouldn't say that 'some wants to use irrlicht'. and besides, i think unity is the best way to go for indie development, as its asset store is really big and full of very useful things, like vehicle physics. i couldn't find any good vehicle physics scripts in unreal or crytek so far. there is beamng for example, but that would also cost money for sure. so i will stick with unity for sure.

also, thanks for the compliments! the models are from our forum member FLED, but he seems to have disappeared, i will try and get back to him soon. in the demo, though i'm planning to use only one car.

Makes sense. There is another thread with or 2 users playing with irrilicht, I think this might be the thread it has screen shots:

I've found the "Pop the Hood" videos on YouTube.  The garage scene looks very far along, at least.  Is there any news?  I'm currently in a computer science diploma program with access to Unity and 3D StudioMax (as well as Blender and the stuff I had before), so I might be able to push it along.


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