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perhaps this might be a place to start try and get familiarized with unity?!/content/10

It would be nice to get things warmed up/crawling but, boy is it easier said than done.

I've never fiddled with Unity myself, and considering my only really stable computer is running Lubuntu, I don't have the chance at the moment.

NO WAY!!! I too use Lbuntu, IMHO it's the best *buntu distro. (though i triple boot) Does unity not run on linux? i know it will compile the games/projects for linux.

I'll offer my knowledge if it can help you with your computer, i do computer repairs and modification/building for a living. if that's of any use/help.

1. There isn't an official release for any Linux distro, so I'd assume it doesn't work unless you turn to WINE.
2. Kickass, man. Just curious, ever heard of PlayDeb? I'd recommend checking it out if you're looking for uberquick, ubereasy game installation.

Yeah you can make game for linux but, develop them on linux.... YET. they are working on it though.

Checking out Play Deb now.



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