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Efficiency? Running out of gas? Towing?

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1. I may be a filthy casual, but I never noticed a correlation between fuel consumption and engine upgrades in the original Street Rod. How did fuel consumption work?
2. What happened in the original games when you ran out of gas? I don't think I ever had that problem.
3. Should we include some way to transport your street-racing machine from A to B without inducing part wear or using up gas?

i think the originals made you go to the gas station first or just didn't show thew towing. I think it's a reasonable idea but, also think if you get towed you should loose some money to since a tow costs money but, maybe if far enough in the game it could be free (by random chance) as if it were a favor.

That makes sense. Also, real quick: despite the interface making fillup procedure obvious, I was always kinda bugged that SR1 (not sure about SR2) would charge you for full-service if you were really slow about it.

it did?

Yeah; just get a car with anything but a full tank of gas and go to the gas station. I don't know what stage is required for the guy to run out of patience, but I know for a fact that putting the filler in the tank and leaving it there is a good way to do it.


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