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Let me start by getting something out of the way. You can not-so-legally obtain the game here:

...just be sure to get "I76_Arsenal.exe".

Superquick Game Summary:
The year is 1976. You are Groove Champion, a guy with a driver's license and not much of a life, living out in Texas doing who-knows-what (it's never stated or implied). Your sister (Jade Champion) has just been murdered by a creeper (bad guy) after a violent car chase and short gunfight. She was living the life of an autovigilante (vigilante who prefers to use a heavily-armed, armored car) in her spare time, unbeknownst to you, and her boyfriend (Taurus) gives you her car (basically a Barracuda with guns, missiles, and oil slicks) and tells you to take vengeance. Along with Taurus and Skeeter (narcoleptic mechanic), you exact vengeance on your sister's murderer, Antonio Malochio.

Anything else I say in terms of plot would be a spoiler, but the game plays like Mechwarrior 2 (same engine, even), but with cars instead of mechs. Your HUD is part of the car's interior, with white-green-yellow-red-black color coding for damage and an indicator for each part of the car.

Keyboard driving is doable, but I prefer to use a Logitech Dual Action (PS2 controller setup, with square areas of joystick movement), since you'll often be working with the gas, brakes, steering, automatic transmission, AND two to four weapons.

I got my copy here for 2 buck USD.

That works too, but I'd suggest getting nGlide and Tuungle; that's what the Facebook group I mentioned has uses for most of its matches.

the GOG version has either been ported over or already includes that stuff. i suppose free beats money.

Regardless, if you ever get into multiplayer, be sure to hit me up for a game on the AVA group.


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