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Part failure, etc.

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1. What should happen when...
a. an engine part fails?
b. a transmission fails?
c. a drivetrain part fails?
d. the brakes fail?
e. the electrical system fails?
2. What warnings or hints should be given? Maybe the car just doesn't sound right if a part is in bad condition?

e. is out
c. might be out not sure

the rest should definitely be in the game.

e. actually looking at 2 e might be in the game we deal with ignition system parts.

2. might happen. in SR 1 and 2 you get called an idiot for trying to install a bad part or tryign to go racing with not every part installed.

in games like SR 1 and 2 you sometime had to replace most of the engine or the entire transmission.

Perhaps this time around certain engine parts can be salvaged and the transmission sent to a/the transmission shop?

All really good questions, i'm just answering off the top of my head with out any real thought.

As for that last bit: maybe there would be a system to attempt repairs; with no money, you could bend things back into shape, grind them down, and try to patch things up. With some money, you could weld, solder, and add scrap metal. With a lot of money, you could get really nice metal and some excellent welding equipment in addition to using some tools in a machine shop.

GHG had something like that. I think that's a very valid and plausible idea. i know growing up we have always reused air filters after blowing them out and cleaned up and reused old spark plugs.

I think that is an idea worth putting in if possible or at the very least considering putting in. I know that GHG had that but, you could repair things with money and not with out money so i don't see why that shouldn't be in the games as their car parts that can be fixed for free. maybe not like NEW fixed but, usable again.

Since we will not have damage models, then perhaps we need some way of showing wear and tear using textures, kinda like in GHG... A damaged car part (engone part, body part etc..)  could have various textures... like

new (no rust)
worn (slight rust)
very worn (rust)
worn/damaged beyond repair (all rust)


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