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Anyone else getting messages about "Hot Rod Hustle"?

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A Mr. Eli Hyder emailed me a few days ago, basically saying "Hey, I heard you like Street Rod. Well guess what? We're making a Street Rod-style game! Come look at our kickstarter!". These guys are hoping to make it an MMO with loads of perks for anyone who backs it, but (un)fortunately they seem to be coming up short on funding. Don't get me wrong, it's an interesting idea, but IMO it's better to have a working singleplayer or local-multiplayer game before starting on anything massively multiplayer.

Yeah it's an interesting project. I'll curious to see what they make of the game and if they hit funding.

What bugs me more about it than anything else is the fact that it seems to have been optimized for a smartphone.

Street Rod 3 used to be 3D untill a Jason b hit wall when trying to figure how to handle racing like the original games did, which i think was/is primitive voxels.

Maybe that's why they did 2D for the garage 3D for racing. The racing looks like it took a NFS III approach and uses 2D images for car interior when using the in car views and probably if i had to guess black windows to cut polys as to not render the inside of the car.

I thin SR3 should bring older computers like my laptop to it's knees to compensate for the development delay but, not poorly optimized but, i could be taking out of my ass because i haven't really don't intensive research or any testing with Unity 3D yet.

IMO it should *scrape by* with lowest EVERYTHING using a mid-2000s laptop. Quick idea: multiple versions of the game for different computer specs? I'll use NFS graphics as an example, since there are SO MANY NFS GAMES.

-One release for wimpy-ass computers (i.e. voxel graphics and/or NFS1 graphics)
-One release for low-end computers (i.e. NFS Hot Pursuit 2 graphics)
-One release for mid-range computers (i.e. NFS Carbon? NFS Undercover?)
-One release for high-end computers (i.e. NFS ProStreet or NFS The Run)
-One release for SUPERCOMPUTERS. (i.e. the latest NFS Hot Pursuit or better)

Put simply, the models, textures, and default effects would be changed for each release, but the physics, gameplay, etc would stay exactly the same.



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