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A new user approached me in the chat room today, and asked me how and where he could donate to the SR3 project. This is a very good question, as since we switched to a whole new development and administrative team, nobody has offered to donate until now. I know there used to be a donate button on the old Sourceforge page of the now obsolete alpha version of the game, but god only knows whose account that goes to, I can only assume one of the previous admins who are no longer involved with the project. Don't use that. =)

Anyways, to the point: If you're interesting in donating financially to the Street Rod 3 project - and of course, who wouldn't be? ;) - for the time being please make your PayPal donations to . This is, for the time being, THE ONLY way to ensure that the money will be received by the current administration and spent on development of the game and project. When megariffer finally reappears in chat, we will discuss the possibility of putting a user-friendly "Donate Now!" button on the site, but this will just be for convenience - it will still be a PayPal payment to the aforementioned address, just in friendly one-click format. =)

In the foreseeable future we will probably introduce some rewards for cash donators, maybe things like SR3 t-shirts, bumper stickers, fridge magnets, or for serious donations, perhaps even your name put somewhere in the game or something cool like that. As the new release of SR3 comes along, I will think about this some more and discuss it with the team, maybe they have some other good ideas to encourage and reward donations to the project!

Thanks for listening, chiiiiiildren! =D

Hey i would like to donate but dont have or want a paypal account. Is there anyway to do this?


--- Quote from: Jackarooing_Cowboy on July 22, 2012, 09:29:00 pm ---Hey i would like to donate but dont have or want a paypal account. Is there anyway to do this?

--- End quote ---
You could always get a Visa gift card. Disposable, cheap, easy, literally no-strings-attached-ever way to turn cash in hand into (almost) universally useful electronic payment.

Thanks Maxaxle. Cowboy, if you don't want a PayPal account, I guess we could accept a disposable VISA gift card as Maxaxle suggested. You should be able to purchase these at a wide variety of places, and then simply post it to us.

If you want to send donations via post, or even cash, please address it to:-

Street Rod 3 Project
PO Box 3079
VIC, 3149

That's the sure-fired way that we will receive your donation and see that it gets to the developers.

Thanks for considering donating, hope to see you around the forums! =)

Hello All

Im from a Small African Country i have Just donated 20 USA Dollars to this project. This is about 3 weeks groceries for me. Its all i can afford right now.

If everyone could do the same hopefully we could start something-get a trend going if your Active send a donation!



""""The payment has been sent

shaun, you have sent $20.00 USD to Fifth Dimension Computing.

We have sent a payment receipt to your email and a notification to Fifth Dimension Computing at View transaction details"""


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