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Hey all,

I was hoping to put a poll up here, but either this forum software doesn't support polls, or I'm too stupid to work out how to make one. Either way, I guess you will have to give your opinions in standard reply format. =)

There have been quite a few questions and suggestions lately as to what the cross-OS compatibility of SR3 will be. Obviously the game is primarily being designed for PC/Windows, but depending on which engine we go with, may or may not be able to be cross-platformed to other systems. What I wonder is, what do you, both developers and fans, really want to see?

Please pick ONE (or more if you must) from this list.

"I want to see SR3 developed for Windows and additionally:-"

* Mac/iOS
* Linux/Unix
* XBox360
* PS3
* Nintendo Wii
* Android
* DOS =)
* Other..?Please explain which is most important to you and why.

My personal answer would be Mac, followed by Linux. I have no interest in releasing SR3 for console systems unless it's practically free and almost effortless to do so. PC games should stay PC games. But that's just one opinion. =)

What's yours?

buddy, you missed the big 'ADD POLL' button in the post :)
anyways i added the poll myself, "take it away, genghis"!

EDIT: oh and i only allowed 1 vote per user, you can change that if you want, i hope you can find the 'EDIT POLL' button now :P

if i could i have this on xbox for sure but after that windows or linux, tho im not to good with my linux yet 

Fuck that shit, I was blaming my self for wanting it steam after getting an idea on how much it could cost but, XBOX that would be super expensive, not to say that it wouldn't be cool. also the console would limit us on system requirements end unless we made two sets of resources and i think you have better chance of talking to god than having duplicate resources (time and labor consuming). Ps3 could probably take the heat so to speak.

Not that it is bad idea bud, just that it is expensive. Also as far as I-os, i will be sending a pm to ven in IRC about a related matter.

From my point of view my list of porting priority would be this:

    1. Linux/Unix      - I think there is no need to give a reason for this being priority uno :)
    2. Mac/iOS         - Well... there are more and more fruity hardware popping up in peoples homes
    3. Other.. AROS (Amiga Research OS)  - The best version of the old games were amiga (also original)
    4. Android           - There are a lot of portable android devices out there, sr3 in my pocket would be cool
    5. Nintendo Wii    - The wii is a great console but unless its made as homebrew it will be too expensive
    6. XBox360         - Too expensive
    7. PS3                 - Too expensive


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