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Since it took so long on the last game...I done lost interest in muscle cars and bought myself a Jeep.

Anyone else have this problem?  Let's discuss...

MP81 aka Kyle bought a chevy cobalt and has since a done number of upgrade to it such as a super charger. Yes I'm talking about the 4cyl car. Other news my dad I have finally started working on out 70' coronet R/T. My Dad is still deciding on some heads but, other wise we have amassed some parts already and have reassembled the bottom end on the block. After sitting for so many years the grease on the then freshly assembled block hardened in to a wax like consistency.

I'm rambling and no one probably gives a crap so I'll kindly STFU and give some one else a chance to speak.

I bought an '89 Honda Civic. Yeah, seriously.

i'm riding a '08 specialized HR XC comp  ::)

i got an old busted up sigma out the back  :'(


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