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Now that CJJ posted some nice screenshots, then I decided to post some in-game screenshots from the "latest" old alpha of my 32 roadster with various custom parts  8)  :

But also to illustrate the fun of the whole mechanic/car customization part of sr3  ;D

Suggestions / Re: keep the classics & add a volvo
« on: May 16, 2012, 06:57:03 am »
There could be some options to include european cars... Maybe some kind of elite underground car league.

Or perhaps "The King" could drive some kind of exotic european sports car (some rich kid that borrows daddy's exotic european sports car).

I still think that the main focus should be on the american cars though.

I totally agree. the mechanic aspect of the game is just as important as the racing aspect.

I just started playing Need For Speed World, and they still use their usual solution for "mechanic stuff", like engine tier 1 and 2 etc...

I just hope that we will be able to get both a good mechanic simulation aswell as a good racing simulation in sr3.

Sadly there is yet to be made a street rod game with a decent racing simulation (both sr1, sr2 and the previous sr3 all had horrible racing simulation).

Car Talk / Re: First Post!!
« on: May 13, 2012, 02:02:34 am »
I remember my first car, it was a small Fiat Seicento.

The first time it was called in for a vehicle inspection, the mechanic was surprised to see a Seicento with extra lights added, but he agreed with me that it looked pretty cool.

After that I've had a renualt and most recently a 14 year old 2,0 pegeout (of course with extra lights).

I switched from cheap plastic incased extra lights to cheap metal incased extra lights on the peugeot.

Suggestions / Re: keep the classics & add a volvo
« on: May 13, 2012, 01:53:28 am »
I would love to see all sorts of european cars in the game, such as volvo, ferrari and so on...
but I doubt they were commonly used in the street racing scene in USA in 1972.

Also adding non-american cars would spoil the mood that made sr 1 and 2 iconic.

General Talk / Re: I'm Excited!!
« on: May 13, 2012, 01:44:40 am »
I agree that good control is essential... both good keyboard aswell as wheel joystick controls.

The old 3D alpha had awfull driving controls.

The thing I look most forward to is the merging of a GHG game and a racing game.

General Talk / Re: WTF!?!
« on: May 08, 2012, 08:44:14 am »
I know what you mean Dano.. there are many new names/people in the project at this point apparently.

Mainly a bunch of new developers as I understand it.

General Talk / Re: its alive mwahaha MWHAHAHA
« on: May 08, 2012, 08:41:09 am »
Dano! :) Thanks. Yikes... 3......of those......things :)

Suggestions / Re: Car cuztomization
« on: May 08, 2012, 04:12:38 am »
Well the tire cuztomization options could seem a bit much or maybe to modern, but it would save a lot of 3D models since several types of wheels and wheel sizes could be represented by the same 3D model.

In the old sr3, I had several tires that were more or less the same 3D model but in different configurations. I also had several tires that were the exact same model but with different textures for sides etc... for stuff like rim color, whitewall, no whitewall and thread texture etc...

General Talk / Re: its alive mwahaha MWHAHAHA
« on: May 08, 2012, 12:57:13 am »
Thanks for the kind words :)

I know I didn't stay long on the chat yesterday, but I was heading off to sleep, but just popped into the chat to say a very quick hello :)

I became a father in the meantime (happened last year), so I no longer decide my own bedtime  :o

It is good news that the game will be based on a new codebase. I would recommend Irrlicht for 3D graphics, if the game is going to be coded in C++. I will talk to Megariffer and Giszo when I get a chance :)

I have some unreleased car models from Mr Chris somewhere btw...

I was supposed to put them into the old sr3 but then everything grinded into a halt.

I would'nt mind using what time I have, to help with coding and modelling. Long live SR3!

Suggestions / Car cuztomization
« on: May 07, 2012, 02:36:41 pm »
My suggestions regarding enhanced cuztomization:

- add/remove gauges and gauge types inside car
(extra gauge holders etc... gauge examples: mph, rpm, gas, oil temp, clock etc..)
- seat customization (color, seat types etc...)
- mirror customization (sideview and rearview aswell as optional ornaments like fuzzy dices etc...)
- steering wheel and gear knob cuztomization
- ignition key customization (examples... no key ornament, ornament with car logo?)
- car radio customization (examples.. no radio, basic radio, radio with tape deck)
- extra gear (example... police radio scanner)
- general interior cuztomization (color, texture)

(these options should be seperate for front and rear wheels,
since some cars could have larger rear wheels)
- cuztomize height of tire between road and rim (like in midnight club 3)
- customize height of rim (like in midnight club 3)
- customize color of rim (like in midnight club 3)
- customize width of rim (like in midnight club 3)
- customize tire side
  (examples... whitewall, mini whitewall, text, bare, white or red or blue or ? stripe,
   like in midnight club 3)
- customize tire thread (select texture mainly, like in midnight club 3)
- customize ride height (like in midnight club 3)

some of these options should maybe be limited in the "stock" version of the game, since they would allow low profile wheels and those were not available in 1972 afaik.

additional stuff...
- add/remove lights such as extra fog lights and extra projector lights
- optional bodyparts such as bumpers and hoods for those cars that have that,
  fenders on '32 fords, engine side housing on '32 fords etc...
- open and close doors, hood, trunk etc... while viewing the car in the garage
- raise and lower soft/hard/? top on car if available while viewing the car in the garage
- starting and killing the car/engine and lights while viewing the car in the garage
- car auctions, junk yard, car dealerships, parts and tools centers, "dirty money" mechanic jobs
- ability to buy more stuff for the garage like welder etc.. at a parts and tools center
- ability to modify/rebuild engine and/or parts to use for example ford parts on a gm engine etc...
- better system for stickers, example.. easier to place stickers symmetrically on the sides of a car
- customizeable license plate (placement, text, colors, state)
- test bumpers while viewing the car in the garage
- test blower while viewing the car in the garage
- customize own charecter looks, handle and name
- ability to mount additional gas tank to allow extra mileage
- twin engine cars?
- better control of graphic details such as ability to get exhausts shown when racing
- autosculpt (like in NFS Carbon, could be used for things like option to cut a hole
  for a blower and/or exhausts in a regular hood)

General Talk / Re: its alive mwahaha MWHAHAHA
« on: May 07, 2012, 02:03:03 pm »
Very cool that the project has risen from the grave once again  8)

I like the new logo  :) Is the code being redone from scratch or is it still the same codebase?

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