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Development / Re: contents of garage
« on: December 21, 2014, 08:03:15 am »
I wonder if Hellmark has the source and or more information on the old AUX format.

Also i don't mean changing out models, i mean how the game handles them. sort of like. I mean like weather or not we uses bones for wheel and part locations or just objects names etc etc, would such change require vast rewriting of code?

I found the source code for version ( streetrod3-src_0.4.4.1 ) on an old hdd backup.

I will try to see if it compiles in visual c++ 2008 express

If not then I might still be able to use lots of stuff like the 3ds format code (since it is also coded in c++)

I think that we would need some re-coding if we decided to switch from dummy objects to bones... but the more modular the code is, the easier it is to change stuff.

I think I might be able to make the car driving into the garage animation during the holidays...

I have been improving the test wheel slightly ( I decided not to use the turbine wheel for testing)

I now have the car in the garage with 4 "custom" wheels attached.

Development / Re: contents of garage
« on: December 20, 2014, 04:50:18 am »
Seems to be limitations that come from the 3d file formats. .. I will attempt to use an xml file to store object names... that way everything can still be contained in a single 3ds file if needed.

It seems the aux format of the prev sr3 was very clever made... both protection of art as well as objects with names were build-in

Development / Re: contents of garage
« on: December 18, 2014, 06:11:02 am »
According to

then it IS possible to seperate multiple meshes/objects within a 3ds file, but it must be done using index instead of names...

I will experiment with this...

Perhaps if object names are loaded sequentially according to name,

then we can atleast know what is what if we have a fixed set of dummy objects/meshes that all start with Z

(assuming none of the additional objects/meshes use names that begin with a Z)

This unfortunatly disallows adding additional car specific named dummy objects, that is, all cars must have the same maximum set of dummy objects since the index of each dummy object is then hard coded,

A workaround for this issue could be a combination model (that is both dummy objects within main 3ds file as well as seperate objects controlled by configuration file) where additional non standard car parts are placed in seperate 3ds files along with a location, and behaviour, configuration for each car that supports the use of that particular part...

To answer your question from earlier...

that might be an issue. for what standards we do define for the 3d models? the old SR3 standard are quite outdated. i wonder if can ad and change them as we go with out significant reprogramming being needed?

Yes, we should be able to change the models without too much hassle... Irrlicht should not care too much about what poly count a model has.

So this should pretty much allow for drop in replacement models that are much more detailed and much more realistic.

Development / Re: contents of garage
« on: December 16, 2014, 04:59:36 am »
what I mean by object (as defined by zmodeler 1 I think?), is collections of meshes in the 3ds file..

for example I think of the front left wheel dummy as an object within the 3ds file...

What I want to achieve for now, is to be able to (with irrlicht) to

a) load a single 3ds file and

b)  then afterwards select for example the front left wheel dummy object

c) and then hide it,

d)  then I want to load another 3ds file that contains a wheel, lets call it testwheel.3ds

e) and then use the coordinates of the wheel dummy to place the wheel from testwheel.3ds

f) and then use the local axis of testwheel.3ds to "spin" the wheel while moving the car

spinning and rotating stuff like wheels, steering wheel, running gear parts etc, could be done simple by rotating them along their own local axis

So either I need to find out how to do this in irrlicht or else I will need to place all parts of a car in seperate 3ds files and then use a setup file instead of dummy objects to assemble the various meshes from the various 3ds files in to a car

the setup file would then need to contains something like this:

body, x, y, z position
steering wheel, x, y, z position
front left wheel, x, y, z position
front right wheel, x, y, z position
rear left wheel, x, y, z position
rear right wheel, x, y, z position
front left headlight, x, y, z position
front right headlight, x, y, z position
rear left taillight, x, y, z position
rear right taillight, x, y, z position
engineblock, x, y, z position
manifold, x, y, z position
enginefan, x, y, z position
etc etc

IF Irrlicht supports multiple objects within a single 3ds file, then most stuff could be handling using dummys within the cars 3ds file...

Anything that can be replaced or moved in some way or have some other function like lights would need dummy objects

The other option to have a bunch of 3ds files would also work and might make it easier to be able to replace body parts like doors etc... I was thinking that it could be kind of cool if it was possible to for example replace the left and right rear fenders with other types... like one set of fenders could have "wings" and another set could have no wings... stuff like that (like in Gearhead Garage )

Development / Re: contents of garage
« on: December 15, 2014, 02:34:54 am »
Interesting point. In regards to 3d models, to begin with we can still use some of the old low poly models I think.

I did hit a roadblock though. It seems its all objects or nothing per 3ds file with iirlicht. I hope I find a workaround.

But then again there is also the ogre 3d engine

Development / Re: contents of garage
« on: December 14, 2014, 09:23:53 am »
New screenshot, I managed to get the 32 "parked" in the garage...

The 32 ford still needs A LOT of fin tuning... mainly regarding the textures

I dug it up from an old backup and I am not entirely sure that the model is the final one that I made for SR3... Like many others .. I did lose some files in a hdd crash some years ago.

The model I am guessing is from early 2005... While the final model was from about december 2005 IIRC.

Next step, identify various parts of the 3ds model and use the wheel dummies to load and place the "turbine wheels" instead of the dummy wheels

Then, it will be time to figure out how to make the car "roll" in to the garage when the "game" starts.

Development / Re: contents of garage
« on: December 13, 2014, 10:21:24 am »
The bullet physics engine should be less sophisticated than Newton. Also with Newton I have som sample code to look at  8)

Development / Re: contents of garage
« on: December 12, 2014, 10:47:08 am »
Just fixed the texture thing and the project name and loaded the empty garage in to the project...

regarding irrlicht & c++ & newton & tinyxml versus unity 3d ...

In unity3d you still need to make a fair amount of scripts... and your hands are tied in several areas for example regarding what 3d files you can import... you also have less control of the game code

I don't know about the unreal engine SDK... I havent spend much time with it yet

with irrlicht we might get some free extra attention from irrlicht and newton related websites if we used irrlicht and newton

I found something called irrnewt that should help integrate newton and irrlicht... I will look in to this too see if it offers something usefull...

I also have that sample project I can look in, that sample project is coded in c++ and uses irrlicht and newton just like this sr3 irrlicht project

Development / Re: contents of garage
« on: December 12, 2014, 07:08:42 am »
Ok, I must admit that I haven't yet begun to identify the various models within the 3ds file.
I just assumed it was a collisionbox because of its color and its placement :)

I forgot to mention that my quick test also incorporates the power of Newton and the power of TinyXML :)

Newton is a physics engine that is often used in conjuction with Irrlicht.

I used Irrlicht once before back in 2004 in an exam project.

I have used TinyXML back in 2011 in a project where I generated C code files based on an XML config file.

I will try to experiment with using the "no car" garage 3ds and then use my 32 ford roadster in 3ds format as the test car using the turbine wheels that I made... We need a lot of running gerar and engine parts models though...

My first goal will be to be able to have a car roll into the garage (using newton) when the "game" is launched.

Development / Re: contents of garage
« on: December 06, 2014, 02:16:37 pm »
I just found an hour or so this weekend to make a quick test with just loading the garage 3ds model and exploring it using a fps cam

I should hopefully get some more time when the chrismas holidays are upon us.

The texture quality setting is set to low, but a high setting should fix the textures right up on the garage...

The "pink box" is the "collision box" for the car model

I think I can pull it off with irrlicht given enough time (which is my biggest problem atm)... After all, I DID get a bachelors degree in computer games programming back in 2007 ;) 

Development / Re: contents of garage
« on: September 11, 2014, 03:59:37 pm »
looks interesting  :)

Development / Re: contents of garage
« on: September 04, 2014, 12:52:47 pm »
Interesting, I will see if there is a free version of that engine.

I think we need something that is free to begin with. When we begin to have something, then we can begin to drop some coins if nessecery :)

I can also try to see what can be done with Irrlicht (I gained a little experience with irrlicht back in 2004) :)

I downloaded irrlicht (3d) and newton (physics) and the source code to a car racing game that uses both.

Development / Re: contents of garage
« on: August 30, 2014, 02:00:32 am »!nkAXELrZ!uEq0-bdphtGcplQU-q8tSy4J3zuZvCClWCbTYdaWJgw

I have been toying around with unity... it will not display all 3ds files when dragged on to the scene for some reason...

I will try to load the files at runtime instead... it seems that I need to convert the models to obj format in order for the free version to load the models at runtime

My initial goal will be to show the garage and a car that drives in to the garage

step 2 will be to be able to switch between two different cars where the first drives out and the second drives in ...etc...

General Talk / Re: streetrod 1 amiga version cheats
« on: August 18, 2014, 12:04:20 pm »
Yes.. I followed this guide :

I could easily change the amount of available cash in SR1 and SR2  :)

General Talk / Re: streetrod 1 amiga version cheats
« on: August 04, 2014, 12:11:21 pm »
Well I found out that winuae lets me cheat using the debugger...

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